Sunday, October 5, 2014

The True Tale of The Preacher and The Gunman

The True Tale Of The Preacher
And The Gunman
This short story is lifted from an account that is based in truth, there are many similar stories told about God's protection.  May this one encourage you.



In the Days of the American Wild West, a pioneer minister named Jeremiah Appleton went to the frontier to preach the Gospel. Unfortunately, his preaching made a deadly enemy of the leader of a gang of horse thieves. The bandit chief swore that he was going to "Get the Preacher and do him dead."

At that time there were many lumber camps in the west. It was dangerous work and men were often badly hurt. One afternoon, a man was hurt by a falling tree. Jeremiah was sent for to comfort the dying man and his friends with the gospel.

The lumber camp was on the far side of some rough land where the bandits ran freely, and where no sheriff or deputy would ever venture- especially not alone. The sun was setting as Jeremiah came there and was immediately filled with fear.  He got off his horse and prayed to God to keep him safe from the bandits and asked God to care for him. Getting back on his horse he went ahead to the lumber camp even though it was dark by the time he got there.

The next day the leader of the horse thieves was shot.  While he was dying in the jail he called for the preacher. The leader admitted that he was waiting for the preacher the night before in the badlands because he was going to kill him.

Then the leader asked, "Who were those men who rode with you?"

"No one," The preacher answered, "I was alone."

The leader of the bandits screamed, "No, you were not! There were two men with you, one on either side. I never in my life saw such dreadful horses as they rode on! Who were those men?"

Jeremiah Appleton knew then that God had answered his prayer and sent angels to protect him.


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