Sunday, November 10, 2013

Why you should be careful about little things in life.

This short story illustrates a powerful truth, so clearly stated in the title but colorfully described in the tale below. I hope you enjoy.

* * * *


Many years ago during the times of great hardship in Scotland two Scotchmen left their beloved country and sought their fortunes in the rich farmland of California.

The day before they left their home village in the highlands each considered what he would bring to America to remember their homeland by.  One went into the fields and gathered a thistle since it is the national emblem of Scotland. The other went to the meadows and brought back some honey bees in a jar. Together they traveled to America and made their way to California- each one treasuring their tokens of Scotland.

The thistle was planted in the garden of the one and the honey bees were given a hive on the farm of the other.

Years passed. The thistle plant became another, then another; they grew and multiplied until for miles around the fields became slowly infested with thistles. In frustration the farmers tried to get rid of them but could not. The thistles were a source of resentment that estranged the Scotsman from the community.

During the years the honey bees made one hive, then another and then more, so that with time the fields and woods near the home of the second Scotsman was filled with honey bees and sweet honey!

Neither one had any idea what the effect would be when they brought the little mementos from their homeland.  We must be careful for we do not know the effect the little things will be when allowed to take root in our lives.


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