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The Girl Who Taught The Dying How to Live

The Girl Who Taught the Dying
To Live
This story is inspiring and illustrates how much of a blessing we can be when we sacrifice all for God.  This story is a challenge to be thankful no matter whatever your circumstances.

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Sari grew up in an orphanage in India.  In spite of her loneliness, she loved Christ and was a devoted Christian. Sari was very beautiful and talented in many ways, so it was no surprise that a handsome young missionary adored her.  She rejoiced that she was soon to be married.

One day Sari was cleaning in the kitchen and noticed some sores on her hand. She had seen such sores before and her heart broke. It was soon confirmed that she had leprosy. All her dreams of marriage and future dried up, her youth and beauty would be eaten by the disease.

When Sari left for the leprosy asylum she put on her beautiful white wedding dress so the orphans would remember her as hopeful and beautiful.  Still, many wept when she and her brother walked across the courtyard and out the gates.

Arriving at the leprosy asylum she was stunned at what she saw.  The women there were dirty and filthy.  Their faces were empty, sad, and hopeless.  Dread filled her heart and putting her arms around her brother she sobbed,  "Jaresh. Am I going to be like them?"

The missionaries said, "Sari. We have heard you love Jesus.  Can you love these women too?  There is much they need."

A spark of hope lit her heart.  She got a vision of what she could do for God in that awful place.  She started a school for the women and taught them to read and write.  She was talented at music and taught the women how to sing and even started a chorus.  She was able to play the piano so the missionaries got her a folding organ and she brought music into the asylum.

The place began to change; the sad sick women there found hope and meaning.  The compound became clean.  The women began to take care of themselves and fix up their hair and wash their clothes.  Anna taught them how to live even though they were slowly dying.

After a few years, Sari's brother asked her about coming to the leprosy asylum.  She said, "When I first came to this Asylum, I was hopeless.  Now, I know that God has a work for me to do for Him here.  If I had not become a leper, I would have never found my work.  Each day I thank Him for having sent me here, and for the work He has given me to do."

For years Sari worked in the asylum as leprosy consumed her; though her body decayed and withered away her face was bright with an inner glow.  She never uttered a word of complaint.  She always had a word of cheer for the sad and weary ones.  Many were brought to the Lord because of her.

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