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Faith In The Father.

Faith in The Father
An Illustration of Faith
This short story is a colorful illustration of having faith that conflicts with sight and logic.

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Many years ago some scientist from the royal society in England embarked on a world tour to find rare flowers that were at risk to be extinct. They traveled the world and found examples of endangered flowers. Near the end of their travels, they were in the mountains of Switzerland. In the mountains, they had hoped to find the rarest flower. They proceeded deeper and deeper into the mountains, staying in remote villages and small mountain communities. One morning they hiked for several hours into the mountains until they were confronted with a precipice of dizzying heights.

"Oh, My!" One scientist exclaimed as he looked over the ledge.

"What is it Sir, Rodney?"

"Wickham, bring my field glass and look there."

After looking through the field glass he gave it to another scientist. "What do you see there?"

"My word! As rare and precious a specimen as we've seen yet."

Far below on the sheer side of the cliff was a rare alpine rose. The men were beside themselves with frustration since it would be the crowning jewel of their collection but it was many yards beyond reach.

A village boy came by on his way to the sheep pasture higher up. Sir Rodney called him over. "Young man, let us tie a rope around your waist so we can lower you over the side of the precipice. If you will carefully dig up that plant for us without doing it any harm, we will pay you well."

The boy thought for a moment took a look over his shoulder and ran away.

"Well that is that." said Sir Rodney.

"Such a loss." Another said, "Perhaps we will find another further up the pass that we may reach."

"Will no one dare the climb?" Pleaded Wickham.

As the men discussed what they should do the boy came trotting back. Some distance behind him was an old gray-haired man. The feeble man walked on bowed legs with the help of a cane which he held in a bony hand.

"Sir," The boy said. "This is my Papa. If you let Papa hold the rope I will go over the edge and get the plant for you."

The men looked at each other and at the old man. "Are you sure you don't want one of us to hold the rope. We are much younger and more strong."

"But he is my Father! He will hold right good."

Jesus said: My Father, who has given them to me is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father's hand." John 10:29

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