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Saved By A Song, The True Story Of The Soldier Who Sang On Guard Duty.

Saved by a Song A True Story
This is a true story. It tells about God's grace and his protection.



Ira Sankey had a beautiful voice and was the most renowned singer of Gospel songs in his generation.  As a singer, he accompanied D.L. Moody on his preaching tours, revivals and crusades for the Gospel.

One Christmas Eve Mr. Sankey was on a steamboat going up an east coast river.  When it was known that the famous singer was on board many entreated him to sing. They gathered in the open on the deck and Mr. Snakey prayed to the Lord to show him which song to sing.  Then looking to heaven he sang

"Savior, like a shepherd, lead us. Much we need Thy tender care!"

Everyone was moved by his song of devotion as it rolled over the deck and was carried over the waters.

When he was finished, the crowd returned below to the warmth of cabins but one man remained behind. Coming up to the singer he asked. "Did you ever serve in the Union Army during the war between the states?"

"Yes," replied Mr. Sankey.

"Did you do guard duty at night, on the one bright moonlight night in 1862?" The man continued.

"Yes." Answered  Mr. Sankey.

"Well," the stranger said. "I served in the Confederate army. I also was out on that same night.  I saw you while I hid in the shadows and raised my gun and took aim at you.  You were standing alone in the bright moonlight.  I was about to pull the trigger but you looked up to heaven and began to sing:

'Savior, like a Shepherd, lead us, much we need Thy tender care!'"

When I heard that song I couldn't shoot you!"

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