Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Story Of Trusting In The Rock

This short story illustrates that there is one who is steadfast, trustworthy and will not be shaken.

* * * * *

The coast off of Cornwall England has seen many shipwrecks over the centuries. One night, many years ago a ship was beaten by the fierce Atlantic waves until it broke up. All were lost except a young Irish boy, Emmet. He floundered on the waves until in the dark he was slammed against a jagged rock. He clutched the rock and held on throughout the long night as the storm waves pounded against him over and over,

The sun came up as the storm spent itself out leaving a clear blue sky. Coastal townsfolk searched the beaches and shore for any survivors but found none until someone looked across the waters with a captain's telescope. Through the lens, they saw Emmit's limp form on the distant waters still clutching to the rugged rock.

Quickly a rescue boat was launched, and the men leaned their backs against the oars to reach him. Emmet was almost dead from the storm and the icy seas. The rescuers carefully brought him onto the boat and took him to the shore.

After a few hours, Emmet had been warmed up and given hot food. His recovery from the ordeal was quick and complete.

Someone asked him, "Son, didn't you tremble out there on that rock in all that storm?"

Emmet replied in classic Irish manner, "Tremble? Aye, I did tremble, but do you know the rock never trembled once all night long?"

Christ is like that rock If you have trust in him you will find that he is firm and secure, no matter what storms may enter your life.

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Conversion Of The Two Intellectual Thinkers Of Their Generation

Tales from the
Pilgrim's Journal
 Many years ago in England lived two great intellectuals who saw no sense in Christianity. Though they were very moral and had high social standing they were unbelievers in the Christian faith. Their names were Gilbert West, a famous English jurist and Lord Littleton, a great thinker and author who shaped the literary world of his day. The men agreed to destroy the foolishness of Christianity.

They observed that two things would have to happen to accomplish this; one, they must prove that the resurrection of Jesus never happened, and was not a fact. The other thing they felt must be explained away was the conversion of Saul of Tarsis who became the Apostle Paul.

Mr. West took on the task of "Getting rid" of the resurrection using the approach of a court of law, while Mr. Littleton took on the task of debunking of the conversion of Saul on the Damascus Road with logic and clarity of thought.

They each went their separate ways and set about the task.  They agreed to meet together on a certain date to merge their two projects into one work that would put an end to Christianity.  The day came a year later and the two men sat down to compare notes. They had each taken the time to work on their arguments from both legal and logical disciplines.

When they met, they each had become converted and committed Christians, each confessed he had been convinced by the results applying his intellect to the task. The resurrection had endured the lawyer's scrutiny and stood the test of hostile research. Saul's conversion could not be explained away by the brilliant mind of Lord Littleton.

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Story Of The Coal Miner Who Settled Accounts With God

This short story reminds us that it is important to come to God while we are able. Tomorrow may be eternally too late!

* * * * *
The Story of the Coal Miner

Many years ago an American preacher held a revival-type meeting in a mining town in England. Clyde, a big muscled coal miner was deeply burdened over his ways of drunkenness, gambling, and brawling. As the meeting closed, he walked up to the preacher. "Reverend, I know I am a sinner and am afraid of God's mighty hand of judgment. How can I find peace with God and peace with myself?"

The preacher opened before him the scriptures and showed him the way of salvation. He patiently explained that Christ came into the world, seeking to save that which is lost. He explained how Christ gave his life as a ransom for us. He explained that Christ's death on the cross paid for the sin of the world; and how all we need to do to be saved is to come to him, believing in Christ's finished work on the cross.

Clyde was so burdened with his sins that he could not see the light. As the hours passed the preacher urged him to turn from self and, "Behold the lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world"

Clyde did not find peace.  When the clock struck eleven, the preacher suggested that Clyde go home and return the following evening and then make peace with God.

Clyde replied, "No, I will not leave! It must be settled tonight or never!"

They stayed together talking and praying as the hours passed. As the clock struck three, the light of the glorious gospel shown upon the miner. He understood and believed the glorious fact that the work of Christ on the cross took away his sin and brought him peace and joy. Standing, Clyde shouted, "It's all settled now! The Lord Jesus Christ is mine!" With tears in his eyes, he thanked the minister who had been so patient with him.

A few hours later Clyde went to his work in the mine, happy and rejoicing because he was a saved man. The day's work had barely begun when the rumble of crashing stone was heard.  The roof of the mine had caved in. Many men were buried beneath it.

The alarm blew and hundreds of townsfolk ceased their work and joined the rescue efforts to save the trapped miners.  Through the day they dug out the earth, stone, and debris to rescue the buried men.  After a fearful time, they reached Clyde; He was barely alive, and in the torchlight it was clear he would soon be gone. Clyde's lips moved and the men leaned close to hear his last words as life ebbed from him.

"Thank God, it was settled last night."

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Story of When Mud Made The Gospel Clear

The Story of When Mud Made The Gospel Clear is a short account about how a friend answered the objection to coming to God.

* * * * *

Young Louis was considering becoming a Christian, but as he weighed the cost of following Christ he feared that he would have to give up the sinful habits and pleasures he had enjoyed for a lifetime.

"Charlie," he said to his friend. "There are so many things that I enjoy which I know are bad. I know that I will have to turn away from them if I become a Christian. I like to party. I like to gamble. I like to waste my time at the mall and go to the movies. I like to go out and have a good time!"

Charlie said, "But think about it. there are already many things that you can't do now; like you can't eat mud."

"Sure, well no. I could if I wanted to," said Louis. "But I don't want to eat mud. I know it is bad for me."

"That's just it." Said Charlie, "When you become a real Christian, you will love the Lord with all your heart, you will not like sin. You will no longer want the sinful things of the world."


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