Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Conversion Of The Two Intellectual Thinkers Of Their Generation

Tales from the
Pilgrim's Journal
 Many years ago in England lived two great intellectuals who saw no sense in Christianity. Though they were very moral and had high social standing they were unbelievers in the Christian faith. Their names were Gilbert West, a famous English jurist and Lord Littleton, a great thinker and author who shaped the literary world of his day. The men agreed to destroy the foolishness of Christianity.

They observed that two things would have to happen to accomplish this; one, they must prove that the resurrection of Jesus never happened, and was not a fact. The other thing they felt must be explained away was the conversion of Saul of Tarsis who became the Apostle Paul.

Mr. West took on the task of "Getting rid" of the resurrection using the approach of a court of law, while Mr. Littleton took on the task of debunking of the conversion of Saul on the Damascus Road with logic and clarity of thought.

They each went their separate ways and set about the task.  They agreed to meet together on a certain date to merge their two projects into one work that would put an end to Christianity.  The day came a year later and the two men sat down to compare notes. They had each taken the time to work on their arguments from both legal and logical disciplines.

When they met, they each had become converted and committed Christians, each confessed he had been convinced by the results applying his intellect to the task. The resurrection had endured the lawyer's scrutiny and stood the test of hostile research. Saul's conversion could not be explained away by the brilliant mind of Lord Littleton.

(C) Adron Dozat