Friday, June 7, 2013

Bought With Blood

Bought With Blood
Many years ago when the empires had colonies and conquered other peoples an Englishman was traveling in Africa with many wagons and servants including an armed escort of redcoat solders.

One day, a native boy darted out of the bushes and came running toward him. Moments later a crowd of warriors and villagers burst out of the bushes and chased after him. The boy ran up to the white man to find protection, and jumped into his wagon. Soon the crowd from the village caught up with him, and their leader, a chief, tried hard to reach the boy.

"Let me get him." The Chief demanded. "He is my slave. He has cast a spell on me."

The Englishman tried to shield the poor native boy. "I will pay for his crime. I will give you gold. How much is his fine?"

The native chief, in rage, said, "I don't want money. I want blood. Our law says I must see blood to break the spell."  Then in a rage he fitted an arrow to his bow, and shot at the boy.

Quick as a flash, the Englishman threw his arm in front of the boy, and the sharp arrow struck his arm, piercing deep into it.  When the chief saw it he was afraid of what would happen because he had wounded an Englishman and the solders had readied their guns.

The Englishman pulled out the sharp arrow; the blood flowed freely, running down the length of his arm. He raised his blood covered arm for the chief to see and said, "You did not want gold. You wanted blood. See, here it flows before your eyes. But now you have broken a law of the British Empire and have wounded an Englishman. You must pay."

"Oh." Said the chief, he dropped his bow, and covered his head with his hands in grief. "My heart is sad, Englishman, I did not mean to hurt you."

"But you have," said the Englishman. "I have bought your slave with my own blood. You must give him to me, so there will be peace between my people and yours."

The chief was glad to get off so easily and quickly accepted the arrangement.

Then the poor boy came up to his new master, and kissed his feet, saying, "Gobi, whom you have bought with your own blood, will be your faithful slave forever."

"Oh, no," Said the Englishman, "We English do not have slaves. You are free!"

"Free?" asked the boy. "Then let Gobi serve his master, for you have bought me with your blood!"

Never since has an Englishman had so faithful or trustworthy a servant as Gobi was to the Englishman.

For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed...but with the precious blood of Christ,...1 Peter 1 :18-20

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