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The True Tale Of Finding Jesus In Prison

The True Story of Finding Jesus in Prison

Long ago in the last century a man was in a Japanese prison for murder. His name was Miyamoto, He spent twenty five years in the prison, and it turned him into an angry and bitter man.

One day he was sitting in his cell making plans to start trouble with some other prisoners. He was going to start a riot and during the riot he hoped to be able to harm someone that he had a grudge against.

Above his head was a shelf and on the shelf were some books. As he sat planning to make trouble a book fell off of the shelf and hit him on the head. He picked it up. It was open to the words which said, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."* The book was a New Testament. The Governor of the prefecture was a Christian and he arranged for New Testaments to be placed in the prison cells.  

Miyamoto began to read the New Testament. He read about the beautiful life of Jesus, He read about how Jesus died to pay for our sins even the sin of murder. He read how Jesus could save sinners from the judgment of sin.

At last, Miyamoto cried out and confessed his need for a savior and he received the gift of salvation. He became a follower of Jesus. He began to live a changed life and was no longer the violent prisoner he was.

Soon he was set free from the prison. He returned to his own village to see his family once more, he felt ashamed of his crime, so he intended to visit and then go to a distant place where no one knew he was a murder. Everyone saw a big change in Miyamoto, and they wondered at his new life.

When Miyamoto announced he was leaving to go to a far village his family and the village folk begged him to stay. "You are a wonderful example for our young men and boys. Your life shows what Jesus can do. We want you to stay because we want the Jesus religion too."

Soon the people of the village sought the Lord Jesus too. They wanted to have the Savior just like Miyamoto.


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*Matthew 11:28

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