Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Beautiful Path and the Choice, a Modern Parable

The Beautiful Path
And The Choice
This is a short story that illustrates how we must be careful in making our choices since a thing may look right on the surface but there are dangers and disappointments lurking below. It came to me as having a basis in a true event. I  hope it inspires.

* * * * *


Jessie went to the country to visit a friend in the springtime.  He was delighted to escape the gray and hardness of the city with all the stress and was greatly enjoying the country quiet and spring beauty. One lovely morning decided to take a walk down the shady lane.

"Come with me Allen,"  He invited the friend's young son to join him.  "Let's explore this morning and see if we can find some adventure."

"Sure, Uncle Jessie."  The six-year-old said.

They walked up the quiet lane and began to wander roads that led to the nearby farmland.

 "This is a beautiful pathway; I wonder what is up here,"  Jessie said as he began to walk up a path lined with flowers and visited by butterflies.

Little Allen lingered behind.

"What's the matter, Allen?  Why don't you want to go this way?"

Allen shook his head.  "It is a bad way."

'What do you mean?  Just look at all the buttercups and clover.  See the butterflies!  This is just what I wanted when I came here from the city.  I'll just go a little way."

Jessie bent under the tree boughs and followed the path alone.  He disappeared around a turn.  In a short time, he came back covered in putrid mud and foulness.

"I tried to tell you, Uncle Jessie.  That path was made by pigs.  It looks nice here but in just a little way it is the stinkiest mess of mud and weeds that you ever saw.

The path we take may look beautiful and bright but we need to know where it will lead. God has given us a guide in his Word the Bible, if we do not head it we too may find ourselves full of regrets.

"There is a way which seems right to a man but in the end, it leads to death." Proverbs 14:12

* * * * * 

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