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The Twelve Year Old Missionary

The Twelve Year Old
When Snow Flower was twelve years old she was a student in a mission school in China where she learned to love the Gospel and Jesus. She was happy there, she learned she was important to God who loved her and that to Him she was not a lower class but a treasure worth dying for on the cross.

One day, her parents came. "We cannot pay any more." They said. "We have no money. You have to go to work and earn your living." They told her that she had to go to a home in a city thirty miles away to work as a servant girl.

Snow Flower came to the room of Dr. Richardson, the missionary, to say goodbye.

"I will be the only Christian in that whole city." she wept.

"Yes, you will, but you know who is going with you, don't you."

"Oh, Yes!" Snow Flower said joyfully, as a smile spread across her face. "The Lord Jesus will be with me."

In the distant city, Snow Flower continued to follow the Lord. She spoke openly about Jesus. The family she served would worship idols, but she refused and would not offer incense to the gods of the house. She suffered for the Lord and was mistreated, but she accepted it with joy. She continued to show kindness, forgiveness and smiled brightly as she did the hard housekeeping duties.

A few months after Snow Flower left for the city two men came to the mission school walking the thirty miles to get there.   "We have come to speak to the schoolmaster."  They said. "We have been sent to ask for someone to come back with us and teach us about Jesus. We want you to start a school."

Over the past years different missionaries tried to start working in that city but always had been asked to leave.  Dr. Richardson asked, "Why now. What has changed? The men of your city asked us to leave before."

"A girl has come to a home in our city. She says that she is a Christian. A city official lives in that home and many visit it, whenever someone visits they see her happy face, and her kind, gentle manner. When she is asked why she is happy she says, "It is because I love Jesus, and Jesus loves me and is always with me."

Then they said to Dr. Robertson, "We want the other girls in our city to be like that Christian girl. Please come to our city, tell us all about this Jesus, and build a Jesus school."

Dr. Robertson was amazed. A city in China became open to the Good News about Jesus because a twelve-year-old girl witnessed for Jesus with her lips and with her life.

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