Friday, November 27, 2015

The Minister On The Roof, The True Story Of The Climbing Preacher

Many years ago when the cities were in a building boom to make the tallest buildings Adele Maywood was concerned about her husband's soul. John was a steeplejack who worked on scaffolds hundreds of feet above the streets to build the tall buildings, but as a tough hardworking man he had no regard for religion.

Adele asked the minister of her church to come see John and tell him about the Gospel of Jesus, but whenever the pastor came to see John he was at work. "I would dearly love to share Christ with John," he told Adele, "But how can I when he is never home?"

The next day the phone rang in the pastor's office. "This is Adele Maywood, Pastor.  My husband says if you want to speak to him he is working on the steeple of Christ Memorial Presbyterian Church on Second Street. You can meet him there and speak to him."

The minister dropped everything and took the bus to Second Street.  The building was being constructed and the street was a confusion of trucks, laborers, and equipment.  "I've come to speak to John Maywood." He told the foreman.

"Oh, Maywood is on the top." The foreman said as he looked up to the roof far feet above. "If you can wait I'll send someone up to bring him down."

"No, I'll go to him." Then the minister climbed ladder after ladder until he was two hundred feet above the sidewalk. There on the roof, the minister spoke to John about eternity and his soul. In a few minutes, John was brought to the Savior.

The next Sunday John stood next to his wife in church and publicly declared Jesus as his Lord and Savior.  When people asked him about his decision to trust Jesus he said, "The preacher who climbs two hundred feet of ladders to speak to me can get me every time!"

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