Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Human Fly. The Sad But True Story of Putting Your Faith in The Wrong Thing.

The human Fly
The Sad Story of Misplaced Faith 
In the early decades of the twentieth century many dare-devils amazed crowds with stunts that seemed impossible and to demand superhuman courage. One such was the Amazing Human Fly.

The Amazing Human Fly would climb buildings in major cities while crowds below gasped in disbelief. He had incredibly strong fingers and a super refined sense of balance. He would climb the tallest buildings using his fingers to search for the smallest ledge or crevice in the stonework and masonry. Starting early in the day he would climb higher and higher to the top of the dizzying heights. The crowds would strain to see his shrinking figure far above as he felt his way over ledges and sought cracks in the walls to grasp.

One day The Amazing Human Fly began his most daring climb. It was the newest and tallest building in the city. He climbed through the morning going higher and higher gaining height. He got smaller and smaller to the unaided eyes of the crowd below. Without stopping, he continued going over ledges and feeling for cracks. At noon he had almost reached the top.

Near the top, he looked over his head and saw an obstruction above him. The building was crowned with an overhanging ledge. He reached up and felt it, it was too wide to reach over. He began to creep along the face of the wall seeking a break in the overhang or something he could grasp that would bring him past it, but to no avail.

The afternoon wore on as he searched. Going down was not an option since he could not feel below him with fingers to find the cracks and edges. He peered searching for a way over the ledge. In the sun's glare he saw something; it was dangling and fluttering down from above the ledge. In the sun's glare he could not clearly make it out. He thought it must be a rope. He was exhausted, dehydrated and his muscles strained to the point of cramps, he could not hold out much longer. "Someone has lowered a rope." He thought. He reached for it but it was beyond reach past the ledge. There was only one thing he could do- he had to leap and grasp the rope. With a spring he bounded away from the wall and his hand grasped it and holding on to it he fell to the concrete far far below.

The crowd gathered around his body in morbid curiosity and saw he held in his hand a dust covered spider's web.

It is better to trust in the Lord than to trust in man. Psalm 118:8


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