Monday, July 1, 2013

He Wanted Her Savior Too

He Wanted Her Savior Too
This is the true story of how a woman whose unbelieving husband was brought to faith by the quiet testimony of her faithful life



Martha was a devoted Christian but her husband, Jim, considered religion in general and Jesus in particular to be for the weak and ignorant. Jim would drive her to church each week where he would park and get out to open her door like a gentleman. Jim would stand and watch to make sure she met her friends and got up the steps to the church entrance safely, then he would leave and drive back home.

Martha prayed daily for her Jim to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus but the years passed and Jim seemed to become ever more hardened to the gospel.

One Sunday morning, the minister preached a passionate message proclaiming the gospel of salvation through faith in the work of Jesus on the cross. As so often Martha sat there thinking with a sight, "If only My Jim could hear this message and understand the love of Jesus for him!" The minister finished his sermon with an invitation for any who wanted to trust Jesus to come forward and kneel at the altar and confess Jesus as savior and Lord.

All heads were bowed in silent prayer while moments passed as no one approached the altar until the soft sound of a man's familiar footsteps gave Martha a start; she looked up and saw her husband at the front of the church. She watched as he confessed his need for the Savior and gave his heart to the Lord.

Afterward, Jim said, "Martha, I've been watching you for a long time. Your life is always clean and beautiful. You are always kind, forgiving and gentle. I knew that you had something I didn't have. This morning, after dropping you off out front I listened to the music and the singing. The words of the song compelled me to come in. I sat in the back of the church and when the minister asked if there was any who wanted to give their hearts to Jesus I decided that I wanted your Savior too."

(C)Adron Dozat

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