Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Story Of Trusting In The Rock

This short story illustrates that there is one who is steadfast, trustworthy and will not be shaken.

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The coast off of Cornwall England has seen many shipwrecks over the centuries. One night, many years ago a ship was beaten by the fierce Atlantic waves until it broke up. All were lost except a young Irish boy, Emmet. He floundered on the waves until in the dark he was slammed against a jagged rock. He clutched the rock and held on throughout the long night as the storm waves pounded against him over and over,

The sun came up as the storm spent itself out leaving a clear blue sky. Coastal townsfolk searched the beaches and shore for any survivors but found none until someone looked across the waters with a captain's telescope. Through the lens, they saw Emmit's limp form on the distant waters still clutching to the rugged rock.

Quickly a rescue boat was launched, and the men leaned their backs against the oars to reach him. Emmet was almost dead from the storm and the icy seas. The rescuers carefully brought him onto the boat and took him to the shore.

After a few hours, Emmet had been warmed up and given hot food. His recovery from the ordeal was quick and complete.

Someone asked him, "Son, didn't you tremble out there on that rock in all that storm?"

Emmet replied in classic Irish manner, "Tremble? Aye, I did tremble, but do you know the rock never trembled once all night long?"

Christ is like that rock If you have trust in him you will find that he is firm and secure, no matter what storms may enter your life.

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