Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Story of When Mud Made The Gospel Clear

The Story of When Mud Made The Gospel Clear is a short account about how a friend answered the objection to coming to God.

* * * * *

Young Louis was considering becoming a Christian, but as he weighed the cost of following Christ he feared that he would have to give up the sinful habits and pleasures he had enjoyed for a lifetime.

"Charlie," he said to his friend. "There are so many things that I enjoy which I know are bad. I know that I will have to turn away from them if I become a Christian. I like to party. I like to gamble. I like to waste my time at the mall and go to the movies. I like to go out and have a good time!"

Charlie said, "But think about it. there are already many things that you can't do now; like you can't eat mud."

"Sure, well no. I could if I wanted to," said Louis. "But I don't want to eat mud. I know it is bad for me."

"That's just it." Said Charlie, "When you become a real Christian, you will love the Lord with all your heart, you will not like sin. You will no longer want the sinful things of the world."


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