Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Watching Eyes And The Prison Convert

The Watching Eyes
And The Prisoner
This is a true story about how Christ living through you can have an effect on the lives of others around you.



Roy Hernandez had been a robber and kidnapper for most of his adult life.  He was caught, tried, and sentenced to twelve years at hard labor in a federal prison.

In the prison he heard the gospel that God offers forgiveness through Jesus and Roy trusted Jesus as Savor.

After serving his time and  Roy was released from prison.  Just before he went out another prisoner handed him a letter.

The letter said, "You know when I came into this prison I despised preachers, the Bible, and everything.  I went to Bible Class and the preaching services because there was nothing else to do on Sunday.

I saw you there telling how you were saved.  I said, 'That's another guy taking the gospel road to try to get a parole.' For two and a half years, Roy, I have watched you.  You did not know it, but I watched you when you were in the yard exercising, when you were working in the shop, when you played ball, when you were in the dining hall, when you were on the way to your cell.  Now I am a Christian too, because I watched you, and saw that you never slipped, so I knew Jesus was real.  The Savor who saved you has saved me."

When Roy had finished reading the letter a cold sweat came out on him.  He thought, "Suppose I had slipped, even once, then that man would not have been saved."

Roy's story would never happened if he had not come to Christ.  If you are interested in knowing how Jesus can change your live see my other post.


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