Saturday, June 13, 2015

Victory Over Temptation, When She Let Jesus Answer The Door.

Let Jesus answer the door 
This is an illustration of the faith of a child who struggled with temptation and how after coming to Jesus she found practical victory over folly by a daily expression faith.



Little Alexei was a handful; the child was always getting into mischief and trouble.  Family and friends would sadly shake their heads at her latest transgressions and follies, then with a sigh say, "That child is sure to come to ruin early in life."

Then the parent of a playmate that was often brought to tears by Alexei took an interest in her.  Mrs. Morgan invited Alexei to come to church and go to Sunday School.  Alexei was immediately brought under the conviction of God's Holy Spirit; and when she heard the Gospel taught week after week she soon trusted Jesus as her Savior.

A great change came into her life.  She was full of the same energy and vivacious as ever, but instead of going from trouble to mischief she was serving and helping others.  She developed a kind and thoughtful personality.

One day a neighbor asked her.  "Alexei, what happened to you?  How did you change so much?  I know you received Jesus, but doesn't the devil come to you with temptations to get into trouble?"

"Yes, he does! All the time!"  Alexei replied.  "The devil comes knocking on my heart every day.  He comes knocking with temptations just like before.  But I used to go and answer the door and I always followed him into trouble.  Now when the devil comes knocking I let Jesus answer the door for me. And when the devil sees him he runs right away."


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