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Awaiting The Final Word. A Story To Help Illustrate The Resurrection

Awaiting The Final Word,
Illustration of Resurrection.
This is a story that illustrates the despair of the tomb and the joy of the good news of the resurrection.  It is taken from the pages of history. Illustrations like this capture the imagination and help bring the point home to the hearers.

* * * * *


Many years ago the great general Wellington faced Napoleon and his army.  It would be a battle to end the series of wars and bring peace to Europe.

This was before the telegraph, telephone, internet or nightly news.  The outcome of the battle of Waterloo would take days to reach the capitals of Europe.  London, in particular, was anxious to learn the fate of Europe. The news was brought by sailing vessel to the south coast of England, and then flags would be raised to spell out the message.  The semaphore towers all across the land relayed the news by raising flags.

On top of Westminster Cathedral, the tallest building in London, lookouts watched the distant flag towers spell out the messages.  The first word was "Wellington."  They waited for the next word. "Defeated."

On The horizon, a bank of fog rolled in from the coast covering the last part of the message.  The city was in turmoil and fear.  It was clear that the message was that Wellington was defeated, that Napoleon was unstoppable and England would fall.

After a time the fog lifted and the entire message was visible to all, "Wellington defeated the enemy." The city and all of the land was filled with joyful celebration.

* * *

When Jesus was put in the tomb all his disciples and those who loved him were in despair and sorrow.  It appeared that the enemy had defeated their king that sin and death had conquered, but on the morning of the third day, the darkness was lifted.  The good news that Jesus had risen from the grave spread and filled his disciples with joy and gladness. The message was that Jesus defeated sin and death.

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