Friday, April 3, 2015

The Little Girl Who Wanted To See Jesus, And The Lesson She Learned

The Little Girl Who Wanted
To See Jesus
This is an illustration of the thing that most often gets in the way of experiencing Jesus in your life.

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Emily and her mother, Mrs. Cook, were visiting a friend who had a large modern house in the city.  Emily was excited to explore the huge house with its many rooms and wonderful furnishings.

One of the treasures she discovered was a beautiful picture of Jesus as the Good Shepherd; it was mounted on the wall over the headboard of the bed where she was to sleep.  She didn't notice it until she lay in the bed and put her head on the pillow, then she saw it across the room reflected in the dressing table mirror.

With a gasp, she cried, "Look, mommy, I see Jesus in the mirror."  Emily crawled out from under the blankets and struggled to see the picture until she was on her knees atop the mattress.  When she tried to see the picture in the mirror she only saw her own reflection there and not the Good Shepherd.

She lay down on her back and then she saw Jesus.  "There he is!"  She sat up once more climbing back to her knees. "What?  Oh, he is gone again."

At last Emily lay down frustrated. "Oh Mommy, when I can't see myself then I can see Jesus, but when all I see is myself then I can't see Jesus.

It is so true that we can't see Jesus when our vision is filled with Self.

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