Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Wolves And The Wee Lambs

This story is a colorful illustration of the vulnerability of our little ones be they young in years or young in faith. I hope it is a warning as well as an encouragement to many.

* * * * *

     A minister traveled by train to Scotland for a holiday. He was acquainted with a sheepherder named Ned who offered to let him stay in the extra room in his cottage. When the minister's train arrived at the station the sheepherder was already standing there to meet him.

     Ned had a horse and wagon in which and they traveled several hours to the ranch. He did not offer any conversation and seemed to have something on his mind. The minister finally broke the uncomfortable silence and asked him what was bothering him.

     The old shepherd began to wipe tears from his face. "Last night I lost forty-six of my best lambs. The wolves got into the sheep pen."

     "I'm sorry to hear that, Ned, very sorry. It is a terrible loss.

     Ned sighed and his slumped shoulders heaved.  "The poor wee things!"

     "I hope not too many sheep were killed besides the lambs."

     The shepherd looked at him with unbelief. "No. Reverend, don't you know that a wolf will never take a sheep when he can get a lamb?"

     As they rolled along the minister thought the wolves were very much like the devil- he preys on the young and innocent who are without guile.

We must watch over and protect those little ones who Jesus loves.

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