Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Giving The Best for God

This is a dramatic illustration of the extreme attitude of devotion that other religions have which can put many Christians to shame by comparison.


She Gave Her Best For Her God

Many years ago an early medical missionary, Melba Atkinson, went to India to serve in a hospital mission.  One day she saw a woman hurrying toward the Ganges River.  The woman was carrying a sick moaning child in her arms, and Melba immediately recognized the dire illness.  Walking beside the woman was a little child, a beautiful boy with large lovely eyes, and a bright smile:  the young boy was strong and healthy.

The mother approached the bank of the river and Melba seeing the mother was in deep distress tried to help her.  The woman said that she was going to make an offering to her god.  The missionary told her about the Lord Jesus and how Jesus had died on the cross for her sins. She tried to persuade the woman to trust in Jesus.  But the mother was firm.  She would not believe in Jesus.

Just then some people came running up to Melba and told her she was needed at the hospital to give emergency medical treatment to some people who were seriously hurt.

After giving aid Melba hurried back to the river hoping to find the woman again.  She was worried for the woman and her children and wanted to tell her more of the love of Jesus, and of his willingness to save her.  Soon Melba spotted the woman in the crowded street at a distance.  Running up to her Melba saw that she had the sickly child in her arms, but not the handsome boy who had walked by her side; then Melba knew that the woman had thrown the beautiful little boy into the river as her gift to her god!

With disbelief Melba asked, "Why did you throw your boy in the river?"

"I needed to make an offering to my god. I hope that he will favor me for it!"

"But," asked the missionary, "Why did you choose as you did? Why didn't you give the dying child instead of the beautiful boy?"

Drawing herself up straight and proud the woman said, "I don't know about you Christians, but we give our gods our best."


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