Friday, November 26, 2010

The Big Boss and the Big Letter, Psalm 118:29.

The Big Boss
And The Big Letter
This is a little story I wrote inspired by Psalm 118:29 to help little children understand thankfulness I hope you are inspired by it.

There was once a very wealthy business man. He was a good man at heart and very generous. He worked hard and became the biggest boss in his company. His hard work and good character gave him opportunities and he quickly became the boss of many companies which employed many thousands of people and produced many goods and services which were helpful for everybody.
One day he was told about a city that had no factories or shops and the people were living hard lives with much poverty and no opportunities to make their lives better. He saw that he could do much good for this city and its people by building a factory.

So he began, but it became one of the hardest projects he ever undertook. Every morning he would go to his office and when he got to his desk he would find out that another problem in building the factory came up. There were problems with workers, or laws, or officials, or suppliers, or community groups, the problems grew into a mountain of troubles in his mind. He got a helper, a smart man named Hector,  to help fix all the problems.   So each morning the Big Boss would go to his office and find out what the newest problem was and then he would call Hector to come and help him fix the problem. Hector was so good at fixing problems with kindness and wisdom and respect for everybody that the factory was finally getting built. It went on for two years. Hector was always faithful and could be counted upon to solve all the problems. It was hard work that made both of them tired and often Hector wondered if it  was really worth all the trouble. He wondered if the Big Boss really understood how hard the problems were to fix.

The day came at long last and the factory was finished and ready to make the things the people needed and give the people new jobs. Everybody was excited. There was a big party and celebration, speeches, and important people shaking hands while others took pictures. The boss and Hector both cut the golden ribbon to open the door of the factory and the crowd cheered.  After that, they had a tour of the factory and the boss saw how much work Hector really did. After the celebration everybody went home looking forward to the next day when they would start their jobs and open the stores.

The Big Boss went home, however, and was troubled in his mind. He went to the dining room and sat at this big shiny dining table and began to write.  After a long time he crumbled up the paper and tossed it on the ground saying, "That will never do!"  He picked up his pen and began again on fresh paper but before long did the same, tossing the paper on the floor with the exclamation, "No, that is not good enough." Again and again, he struggled with words on the paper and, again and again, he tossed it on the floor.

By and by the daughter of the Big Boss came to the door and peeking around the door she watched her dad do this strange thing, of writing and crumpling papers and starting again. "Daddy, what are you doing?" Little Amy asked.

"Well, my helper, Hector, really worked hard on the factory and shops and it is important that he know that I know how hard he worked. I want him to know that I value his time and I value his sacrifices. I want him to know that I appreciate all he did. I want to tell him I am grateful. I want to tell him that I am indebted to him. I am trying to write him a letter to say all these very important things, but I feel I am not getting the words right."

Oh, that is easy Daddy, All you have to do is write two words."

"Amy, what I am trying to say is so very important. How could it all be said in only two words?"

"Daddy, the two most important words- Thank You."

The Big Boss realized she was right. All the important things of gratitude, appreciation, sacrifice, indebtedness, and so much more are all in those two little words.  The Big Boss wrote the letter simply saying, "Thank You." He sent it to Hector. Hector was deeply touched and felt it was a letter more from a friend than from a boss, he put the letter in a frame and hung it on the wall above all the other awards and achievements from his career.

Because of the words "Thank You" Hector became close friends of the Big Boss and together they did many good things for people all over. The words, "Thank You" say so many things we must never forget to use them.

(C)Adron Dozat

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